August 9, 2016
David Sharkey
August 24, 2016

Before I purchased a Promissory Note from DeptFreeMotgageNow.Com I was just served a foreclosure lawsuit by the bank. I had been having a dispute with the bank for two years prior to the foreclosure.
The Bank was acting criminally by having my signature forged on the Mortgage Documents. I was taken
back at the arrogance and thievery of the Bank and now the law firm representing the Bank. I had researched my defense option and they were to retain Counsel with a minimum retainer of $5,000 but a recommended retainer of $10,000. The standard legal defense had dismal outcomes the legal system is established for the Banks to win and when I looked at the number of cases that were won by typical legal defense it was around 1 to 2 %.

Most people don’t even reply to Foreclosures and just move out of the property and allow the banks and law firms to take the property back and file additional claims against the homeowner a lot of the cases more money than was ever borrowed for the property, in addition, to completely wrecking your credit. So I was researching a better strategy one that was “outside” the box…one that wins. I found www.DeptFreeMortgageNow.Com at first seemed crazy. It looked like another rip-off. After buying the eBooklet from the site I saw the legal aspects and the proof that this crazy idea was winning in court and banks were releasing liens and providing the Deed of Trust paid in full back to the homeowner. I had to move fast and answer a foreclosure suit….and my answer was the final result of the Promissory Note showing full pay off of my property in Foreclosure.

The Promissory Note was “received and accepted” when I was in Court and the Judge read my answer and asked the Banks attorney what the problem was in regards to releasing the lien and providing me the deed. The bank’s attorney said they had no problem doing so and had to under the law. I recommend the Promissory Note 100%. The service and support of DeptFreeMortgageNow.Com was impeccable and assisted me through the process and continually collaborated with me. This works 100% you have to work on it and follow instructions and I can assure you it’s worth your time to stop foreclosure and have no further mortgage payments.