August 25, 2019

Who Signs Promissory Note Money Into Existence?

When this type of language appears in the promissory note (i.e. John Borrower promises to pay to the order of James Lender the sum of…) You, the […]
August 23, 2019

What Happens If A Medical Bill Goes To Collections

The CAP Security Instrument can pay off your Medical Bills at That’s right — unpaid medical bills can lower your credit scores. Typically, doctors and hospitals don’t […]
August 22, 2019

MORTGAGES and DEBTS PAID With Credit Agreement Payoff, CAP Security Instrument Promissory Note

Click the PLAY Button > on this audio NOW.. We offer a 100% Money-Back on our Credit Agreement Payoff CAP Security Instrument Promissory Note Processing […]
August 20, 2019

What Are United States Certificate Notes And How Are They Different From Federal Reserve Promissory Notes?

United States Notes (characterized by a red seal and serial number) were the first national currency “Greenbacks”, authorized by the Legal Tender Act of 1862 and began circulating […]