Homeowners In Foreclosure or Current With Payments?


With 10 Day Processing Using The “Bank Approved” Promissory Note as Money!


For all you homeowners and Real Estate Owners out there that think you owe a mortgage debt for your Residential Home or Commercial Property and you have to pay the money back that you allegedly borrowed from the Pretender Lender with the almighty Federal Reserve Promissory Note Dollar to be mortgage debt free now, these facts may change your mind:

At Your Hurried Notary Escrow Mortgage Closing:

1. There was no loan!
2. You did not receive any check or money to pay for your home
3. You created the money and gave the first loan to the Pretender Lender by signing your signature on the Bank’s or pretender Lender’s PRE-Processed promissory note that was processed by the bank using a Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae Forms and then you solidified the presumed debt by also signing a mortgage lien contract that you didn’t even have time to read.
4. There was no disclosure that the bank or lender was going to take your promissory note and turn it into money by monetizing it with an illegal alteration known as an allonge.
5. An allonge is a stamp that says “Pay To The Order Of WITHOUT RECOURSE someone’s signature, and the bank or lender printed name in order to sell or assign your alleged mortgage loan into a Trust, known as Securitization.
6. Your Real Estate had a zero balance until you unknowingly signed the alleged home loan documents, because under the mandatory GAAP accounting system, debits have to equal credits and a $100,000.00 debit must equal a $100,000.00 credit that brings the total owed to zero ($0.00).
7. YOUR presumed lender gave your paid home back to you as a loan charging you the amount in principal of the presumed loan that you just paid, plus interest for an average of 30 years, because you gave your consent to do so by signing your signature where the Notary Closing Agent told you to, again without full disclosure.
8. Now do you understand the bank fraud and that you do not owe any mortgage debt and never received any loan (money since there is no money since the UNITED STATES Corporation Bankruptcy in 1933) since…
9. No lawful money changed hands!
10. The definition of a loan is ‘MONEY LENT’; money, not numbers from a bank computer via electronic transfer.
11. Did you receive any bank check or money from the Notary Escrow Agent or Lender? OR did you have to give money in the form of a Bank CASHIER’s CHECK from your bank checking account or borrowed money to the Notary closing escrow agent that represented the fraudulent bank or pretender lender at your closing; and…
12. It is straight out FRAUD, because the bank or lender did not sign either of your contracts (promissory note or mortgage lien contract) for a meeting of the minds with no full disclosure and not a true contract, under the Uniform Commercial Code, U.C.C. and the legal definition of “Contracts” in Black’s Law Dictionary that all courts go by.
13. Without the bank’s or Lender’s signature, your mortgage promissory note and mortgage lien contract is bogus and fraudulent, again, because there was no meeting of the minds to form a true factual contract! If the bank or lender had signed, it would have made their fraud be known by the world.

Now let’s talk about how you can pay off your alleged mortgage loan debt for just pennies on the dollar with a Promissory Note and owe ZERO $0.00 on your debt free mortgage.

Your money is in your home or commercial property! Don’t give it away to the fraudulent banks.

Judges and bankers know that under the Uniform Commercial Code, U.C.C., of Contract Law, any SIGNED document is a Promissory Note and a Promissory Note is a debt instrument; it is also credit; and the promissory note is considered money under the good faith and credit of the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT with you as the collateral capital. Your signature is what the banks create money debt instruments out of with monetization and securitization. You can use our processed Homeowner Promissory Note to pay off your presumed mortgage debt and become mortgage debt free in a matter of days, not years.

In the licensed processor’s Homeowner Promissory Note, HPN, e-booklet that contains the information to pay off mortgages for homeowners. In it you will find a collected items receipt from a major bank (WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A.) receiving the money for one of our clients that collected the alleged debt MONEY from the TREASURY when they deposited the Promissory Note, PN, into the treasury and received their money that paid off our client’s alleged and presumed loan and debt again. AND you thought you had to work your asses off in an 8 to 5 job to pay it with the Federal Reserve and UNITED STATES CORPORATION Company Script international promissory note dollars!

This is not a do-it-yourself Homeowner Promissory Note, HPN, process. We are licensed to process these Financial Documents Homeowner Promissory Note, HPNs.

Didn’t you think that??? With our Homeowner Promissory Note, HPN, you don’t have to pay the full amount with $$$$$$$$$! You save tens of thousands of Federal Reserve Note Dollars, FDRs, with just one Homeowner Promissory Note, HPN. The Homeowner Promissory Note, HPN, pays off your whole presumed mortgage loan for mere pennies on the Dollar. By U.C.C. contract law and banking laws, the Homeowner Promissory Note, HPN, is a debt instrument, your credit, and your money according to the Bankruptcy laws.

Pursuant to Title 31 U.S.C. §5118 (d)(2), 31 U.S.C. §463, and Public Law 97-258, it is both illegal and unlawful for a bank to demand that anyone pay with Federal Reserve Bank Debt Money in the form of Federal Reserve International Promissory Note Dollars, cash, wire transfers, electronic transfers, checkbook money, money orders, cashier checks, bank money, or certified checks from a bank, attorney, or escrow company.

It seems after you know the above that every homeowner would want to use our processed Homeowner Promissory Note, HPN, to pay off your mortgage and become mortgage debt free, wouldn’t you?

The HOME OWNER information and educational Homeowner Promissory Note, HPN, E-BOOKLET IS NORMALLY $77.00, BUT today, if you have been contacted by email, by phone, or you have freely given us your email and name thru our pop-up window, you can receive our educational and informational Homeowner Promissory Note, HPN, E-booklet for the low price of ONLY $31.00.

That is a 55% discount from the retail price.

This is not a do-it yourself process. In the Homeowner Promissory Note, HPN, You will see copies of different Homeowner Promissory Note, HPNs, that the banks have accepted to pay off our client’s mortgages.

Don’t let the banks send you into Foreclosure and lose your residential home or commercial real estate!

The Homeowner Promissory Note, HPN, should pay off the whole alleged home loan so you can have a Debt Free Mortgage whether you are in foreclosure or current with your monthly payments as verified by the copy of the Collection Items Receipt in the e-booklet that every bank or mortgage lender must do to receive the money from the Treasury Department to pay off your mortgage debt and presumed loan.

We are NOT Attorneys or Debt Collectors!

We are a Licensed Financial Documents Processing Company and the Banks have ACCEPTED our Processed Homeowner Promissory Note, HPNs.

Buy the Homeowner Promissory Note, HPN, E Book Now. Read all information regarding the legality of the Promissory Note and view evidence of 100% Paid Mortgages of our other clients. The E-Book will have the required information for you to get started with paying off your Mortgage for just pennies on the dollar that you think you owe!

Use the Homeowner Promissory Note, HPN, and say GOOD-BYE to your Mortgage.
Become Mortgage Debt Free Now!


  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UPsLHX0W9o&feature=youtu.be

    Hi, I am Marvin, I have been in the residential and commercial real estate business for 40 years.

    I bought $10,000 worth of books for commercial and residential real estate and I was a licensed real estate agent at one time. I want to say at this time that David Young is a professional man, honest and reliable! David does what he says he's going to do.. I was even invited to his home in Crestview Florida. And I want to show you I have a commercial piece of real estate from this note paid for in full from David Young totally pad off. Thank you very much.
  • David Young at www.DebtFreeMortgageNow.com is the real honest deal. I was not in foreclosure but was finding it difficult keeping up with an over $800,000.00 mortgage monthly payments. I was very skeptical until I ordered David's HPN ebook and saw the proof of payoff and the Mortgage Satisfaction for myself. I investigated and actually found the satisfaction recorded and I took the giant leap of faith. Now i am mortgage and debt free! I recommend this process to every homeowner whether you are in foreclosure or not, because it worked for me. David Sharkey
  • Before I purchased a Promissory Note from DeptFreeMotgageNow.Com I was just served a foreclosure lawsuit by the bank. I had been having a dispute with the bank for two years prior to the foreclosure. The Bank was acting criminally by having my signature forged on the Mortgage Documents. I was taken back at the arrogance and thievery of the Bank and now the law firm representing the Bank. I had researched my defense option and they were to retain Counsel with a minimum retainer of $5,000 but a recommended retainer of $10,000. The standard legal defense had dismal outcomes the legal system is established for the Banks to win and when I looked at the number of cases that were won by typical legal defense it was around 1 to 2 %.

    Most people don’t even reply to Foreclosures and just move out of the property and allow the banks and law firms to take the property back and file additional claims against the homeowner a lot of the cases more money than was ever borrowed for the property, in addition, to completely wrecking your credit. So I was researching a better strategy one that was “outside” the box…one that wins. I found www.DeptFreeMortgageNow.Com at first seemed crazy. It looked like another rip-off. After buying the eBooklet from the site I saw the legal aspects and the proof that this crazy idea was winning in court and banks were releasing liens and providing the Deed of Trust paid in full back to the homeowner. I had to move fast and answer a foreclosure suit….and my answer was the final result of the Promissory Note showing full pay off of my property in Foreclosure.

    The Promissory Note was "received and accepted" when I was in Court and the Judge read my answer and asked the Banks attorney what the problem was in regards to releasing the lien and providing me the deed. The bank's attorney said they had no problem doing so and had to under the law. I recommend the Promissory Note 100%. The service and support of DeptFreeMortgageNow.Com was impeccable and assisted me through the process and continually collaborated with me. This works 100% you have to work on it and follow instructions and I can assure you it’s worth your time to stop foreclosure and have no further mortgage payments.

  • I first learned about DeptFreeMotgageNow.Com and my friend told me about David Young. I as very skeptical at first then I purchased the eBook. I read the ebook and saw the proof studied the process and learned as much as I could. You know this was my only option and I tried it. I learned a lot about banking and the legal system. I have been very empowered in this process and greatly appreciate David Young and DeptFreeMotgageNow.Com in providing me a legal way to pay off my home 100%.

    Marie Bowlder

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